The Aim

From the beginning of time the first step one needs to take in obtaining guidance and spiritual connection and proximity with one’s creator is the acquisition of knowledge.

Imam Ghazali (RH) quotes in his Ihyaul Uloom the saying of a Saint:

(العلم بذر و العمل زرع و ماءه الإخلاص (كتاب النية و الإخلاص و الصدق

Knowledge is a seed, Action is cultivation and sincere intention is its rain (Book of intention, sincerity and truthfulness)

Thus for any society to grow and prosper, primarily the seeds of knowledge need to be planted, showered with sincerity of intention and  constantly cultivated by action and preservation. Only then will we have the first sprout of guided individuals who would gradually grow in becoming stable and uprooted Muslims. Furthermore, by acting and propagating their knowledge they will become a means in transforming our community into a forest of Muataqi (god-conscious), law-biding citizens.

Knowledge is a light of the heart that guides one on his journey upon the Siraatul Mustaqeem (Straight path) leading to the ultimate destination of paradise.  Absence of knowledge leaves one in ignorance and darkness which creates internal turmoil and doubts in one’s understanding and practicing of Deen. If knowledge is not learnt, practised and passed on from one generation to the other then eventually we will be left in a time about which the Prophet (ﷺ) mentioned, ‘That Islam will fade just like the designs of a cloth fades, until there will be a time when there will be no fasting, charity and religious devotion. A few individuals will remain who will know of nothing except of the Kalimah (La ilaha illallah) which they heard from their forefathers.’ (Narrated by Hakim, 473)

With the importance of knowledge in mind, the first institute and centre where one learns deen, good manners and character is the lap of one’s mother. For any child their mother is the ultimate role model; imitating and following them in everything they see and hear. This is why it is essential that women are well versed in the Islamic sciences, have a strong bond with the recitation and teaching of the Quran and inculcate the blessed Sunnah in their lifestyles. Not only will this be a means of their spiritual felicity in this world and eternal prosperity in the next, but by the subtle effect of their practicing and teaching they will hopefully distil the love the of Islam within their families and transform their home and society into havens of piety.

With this aim and necessity in mind Madni Institute has developed an Alimiyyah Studies program and a Foundation in Islamic Studies course which will help lay the foundation for women in the 21st century to learn, practice and propagate their faith. The need to study Classical Islam in a contemporary manner and time has never been so great, where the bridge between one’s duty towards their religion and responsibilities as a British Citizen need to be addressed.