Alimiyyah Studies

The Alimiyyah Studies syllabus has thus been designed so that by the means of studying classical texts in Arabic and English one can develop a deep insight with the teachings of Islam; an opportunity for one to enhance their practical and spiritual life by coinciding knowledge with practice. The Alamiyyah Studies program will in affect create the necessary English speaking scholars we need in educating and rectifying today’s Ummah. Whether one take the role of an Islamic scholars, school teachers, academic researchers, writers this course will help one step onto that platform. By the end of the course students are expected to have a good understanding of classical Arabic as well as sound knowledge on Tafeer, Hadith, Fiqh and Seerah. More importantly students are encouraged to widen their extra-curriculum study and gain confidence in reading, understanding and analysing different book in the same subject not particularly taught in the course.

·      The Alimiyyah Studies classes will be held from Monday to Thursday from 7.45am until 12.50pm and on Friday from 7.45am until 11.50am.

·      The day will be split up in to 6 lessons with a 15min break every day. This will amount to approximately 24 hours of teaching time per week.

·      In the first 2 year students will complete Foundation in Islamic Studies course as well as addition books from the Alimiyyah Studies program. In the next 2 year students will complete the Alimiyyah Studies program covering most texts in Arabic.

Note: The Alimiyyah Study program is still under development. Currently we are working towards extending the course to a complete 7 years program, including a comprehensive analysis of the books of Hadith. We are also taking steps in affiliating the Institute with a reputable Islamic Institute where we will be able to certify the program as a complete Aalimah course.