Message from Headteacher

HeadTeachers Foreword

Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

We welcome you to Madni Institute and are hopeful that this venture of setting up the first Muslim Secondary school in Slough is a success and a Sadaqa Jariyah for all parents, pupils and the Slough community.

The school aims to provide a rich Islamic environment which will cultivate student’s thoughts, habits and Islamic identity.  Every child will be provided opportunities to reach their full potential through this learning environment so as to inspire confidence in their identity as a young Muslim living in Britain today.  Hence we have designed a school curriculum that aims to achieve this alongside a commitment to academic success.

We expect our pupils to leave the school well-equipped for the next stage of their education by providing opportunities for pupils to gain academic qualifications in the form of GCSE’s.  This will help students achieve their true potential as individuals with Islam being the main focus of their lives

To achieve this, Madni Institute will give students daily opportunities for prayer, worship and reflection which will day by day strengthen their relationship with Allah (swt). We will aim to nurture high morals and Islamic values by creating an environment where discussions will be centred around the role models of Islam and how being British plays a key part in our lives.

We want our pupils to enjoy their school experience and develop a strong resolve to continue their education as a lifelong process.  Above all, Madni Institute would like each pupil to acquire a good moral attitude to life through God-consciousness (Taqwa) and acknowledging   Divine Guidance in all their affairs, directing them to become good British Citizens who value and live Islam.

Miss Z Ali