Extra Curricular Activities




Cross Stitch

Embroidery skills, using a pattern to create a design.


Respecting views, being able to present argument for and against topics they may not necessarily agree/disagree with. Develop an understanding that views of others may not be the same as theirs.

Young Scientists

Researched hydraulics and how they work. Students used this knowledge to then construct their own hydraulic bridge.

Young Explorers

Students explored England and their surroundings. Awareness of the services in their community.


Learning different embroidery stitches and the application of these stitches.


Taster to Spanish. Students were exposed to and learnt Spanish words and every day phrases.


Students learnt the basic technique of crotchet.


Students learnt the basic technique of knitting.

Scrabble club

Students use the scrabble game to help them develop their vocabulary skills. They are allowed to use a dictionary to encourage them to think of words other than those that that they are familiar with in their everyday use – with healthy competition amongst students to try and score high marks. The aim of this activity is to:

  • Incorporate into a school competition

  • Help students develop their vocabulary

Dragons Den

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Team building

  • Working with money

  • Costing and purchasing

  • Developing a business idea

  • Using spreadsheets

  • Marketing

  • Developing a sales pitch

  • Developing a sales pitch – speaking and listening skills that can be transferred to English

  • Persuasive skills


  • Problem solving skills

  • Developing aptitude to deal with spacial awareness

  • Logic

  • Working with numbers

Book Club

  • Developing literacy

  • Increasing vocabulary bank

  • Writing skills

  • Speaking and listening skills

Arts and Crafts
  • Encourage Artistic skills

  • Develop social awareness

  • Develop design techniques and use of ICT skills

  • Literacy skills

  • Developing Reading and analyzing skills

  • Developing of creativity

  • Developing Cultural and Social awareness by looking/discussing poetry of different topics

  • Self defense

  • Physical ability

  • Balance, agility

Exploring Careers
  • Understanding of the different options available

  • Appreciate the diversity in the world of work

  • Develop knowledge of skills needed for different career paths

  • See the importance and relevance of various careers in our everyday lives

Cracking the Code
  • Developing analytical skills

  • Non-verbal reasoning

  • Mathematical skills

  • Developing cultural and social awareness by looking at the different methods used to convey messages e.g. transposition cipher 

Islamic history

•    Writing skills

•    Cultural and social awareness

•    Students study and develop knowledge about key figures who helped spread Islam after the Prophet saw

•    Develop spiritual links

•    Appreciate culture differences from that era

Fine Arts

•    Develop creativity through experimentation with different media

•    Promoting creativity

•    Student develop artistic skills

Read for my school

•    Promoting literacy

•    Encouraging reading culture

•    Students are provided with a range of titles and have online access

•    Students are able to share ideas and their thoughts about books that have been read via book reviews


•    Promoting interest for the subject by incorporating enjoyable activities aside from lesson work

•    Respecting cultures and diversity


•    Appreciation for Shakespeare and his work

•    Developing confidence in showcasing our work to the local community

•    Understanding emotions and the context of Shakespeare work

•    Working as a team to put together a performance

•    Students develop cultural and social awareness

•    Develop respect for others and their views


•    Promoting creativity

•    Developing confidence

•    Exploring and appreciating differences in culture dresses

•    Students have the opportunity to create their garment of choice


•    Promoting numeracy and literacy using the classic game of count down

•    Promoting competition through incorporating group challenges

•    Further developing literacy and numeracy skills