Head Girl

The Head girl and Deputy Head girl are always year 11 students. This is a role which they can show on thier post 16 applications as it allows them to develop a range of skills including; good communications and leadership skills.

Please find below a little insight into why our students put themselves forward for these roles:


As you may know my time at Madni Institute is coming to an end and I'd like to acknowledge and admire the help and support that the school provided to me with open arms. I came to this school not knowing what to expect and whether or not I’d fit in. But once I become a part of this school I felt welcomed and safe.

The school was established with the aspiration of creating a safe, friendly and Islamic environment for today's youth and allowed us to explore our religion with great interest. With the support of parents and staff, Madni institute blossomed further into the independent, efficient and diverse school it is today. 

Madni Institute provided me with and continues to provide me with the Islamic and academic knowledge that I need to grow further in my education. By vastly increasing my understanding about Islam, it has reinforced my faith and imaan and has taught me to keep my head high, and be proud of being a Muslim in today's society. Although our school is small, and does not include all the packages that other schools may have, the school lavishly endowed us with all the opportunities that we needed to help us prosper in our education and encouraged to always achieve bigger and better. 

Rasulullah (SAW) said 

"Each one of you is a leader and you will be asked about your responsibilities"

I would like to take the responsibility of being head girl of Madni this academic year and hope to succeed in being a good role model to the rest of the school.

I also hope I can make the best of my last year in Madni Institute and can make it a year to remember Insha’Allah. 

Raiha Noor

Head Girl




I am extremely proud and humbled to be representing myself as the deputy head girl of this school (that has given me so many great opportunities in the past).

Throughout the years being in Madni Institute, I have developed into a respectable, mature and level headed student. I have also learnt to build the confidence to be more involved and contribute towards the school. To continue doing this as deputy head girl is a great honour for me.

Since being at Madni institute I have always felt safe, well looked after and the education has always been of high standard. The school also instils good Islamic conduct and behaviour which I wish to support and convey to others. I hope that there will be many more students to come who have the same opinion about the school as I do.

The prophet (peace be upon him) and many other leaders in Islam showed us how to be caring and devoted to the people and I aspire to emulate the same qualities as him (saw).

Allah says in the Quran:

"For you the life of the Prophet is a good model of behaviour" (33:21).

I hope we can all live up to this Quran ayah that has been a great help in my life and inshallah will help you in your life as well.

I welcome any new students to the school and wish that everyone has a fun but productive year.

Ilham Imam

Deputy Head Girl



Dear parents and readers,


Although my journey at Madni institute is drawing to an end, I have taken the opportunity to look back and appreciate and admire the challenges the school has faced and how it has overcome them, the school was set up with a few students and resources however, with the support of the staff and parents, the school was able to grow and flourish Madni institute used its small size to its advantage to ensure all students were given attention they require to reach their full potential. Allah (swa) answered the duas of those who had sincere intentions by bringing success to the school. Through fundraisers, bake sales and other events, which I am pleased to have been a part of, we were able to raise money for our school, local and international charities. These opportunities have allowed our school to come together and become stronger. By being head girl, I hope to do the best I can to implement the tarbiyah I have been taught and shown by my teachers. I hope this will allow me to be a role model for all the students’ inshallah, I hope inshallah by fulfilling my responsibilities to the best of my ability for all that they have done to shape me into the young confident muslimah I am today.

Head girl 

Sara Muhammad



Dear parents and readers,


My journey with Madni Institute started in 2011, when the school first initiated. Coming from a comprehensive primary school, I did not know what to expect from this school. After attending Madni Institute from the very beginning, I realised that this is the right place for me. Madni Institute has been and is the right place for me not only because of the Islamic environment, but being able to apply Islamic values to my everyday life. This has helped me to become a better person, and at the same time, I have developed a broad understanding in all of my comprehensive subjects.

Through my time at Madni Institute, I have learnt both academic and Islamic knowledge. Moreover, I have also gained knowledge about topics that I have developed my confidence in being a British Muslim. I understand and have learnt the fundamental values of being British and how this links into being a good Muslimah. Most of all, I have learnt to respect the people and the surroundings around me.

The teachers at Madni Institute work hard to ensure we all achieve well for this world and the Hereafter. Throughout the year, we all come together for different activities and events which results in the school working together for one aim. As a school, we are all there to help and guide each other.

Overall, I very much enjoy the time that I spend at school and I pray that Allah (SWT) blesses me and my fellow students with the ability to act upon the Islamic knowledge learnt and to be able to achieve good grades at the end of the academic year.

Head Girl

Zainab Siddique