Student Assemblies

During this academic year our students have worked on two major projects and have presented their projects in front of parents. The details of the projects are given below. We look forward to working on new projects in the remainder of the academic year.

Interfaith Project

Students researched and prepared displays and presentations about six different faiths in the world:

  • Islam

  • Christianity

  • Judaism

  • Sikhism

  • Buddhism

  • Hinduism

This project was orgainsed before national interfaith week and during interfaith week parents were invited to school to watch the students presentation.


This was an opportunity for our school to recognise that we live in a multifaith society; all religions should be respected and views should be tolerated; and that our students learn and understand that people may have different religious beliefs but we can all live in a society with respect and tolerance for each other.

Culture Project

The cultures that were looked at were:

  • China

  • Spain

  • Mexico

  • South Africa 

  • Malaysia

  • Thailand

The topics that were cover for each culture included: 

  • Food

  • Language 

  • History

  • Religions

  • Religious festivals celebrated

  • Traditions - clothing, arts, myths/stories associated with that culture or exist within that culture

  • National holidays and what they commemorate 

  • Tourism 


The aim of this exercise was to start exposing the students to different cultures around the world and to encourage students to:

  • respect other cultures and their customs

  • respect and appreciate diversity in the world

  • appreciate differences between people and that ways and views of others will not always be the same as ours and that ultimately it is Allah who has created all of these differences - get the students to think of reasons WHY these differences have been created.

The work should also show how these respective cultures play a part in British Society - do people of these cultures exist in England? 

Students should learn to appreciate that England is a multi cultural, multi faith society and everyone can live together in harmony and with respect for one another.